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Corporate and social responsibility

KienhuisHoving is firmly rooted in the region of Twente. Because of those roots our social involvement in the region is strong.

Our employees hold numerous positions, for instance, in a wide range of organizations and institutions: from healthcare institutions to social foundations and from cultural institutions to educational organizations, interest groups and sports associations.

  • We have entered into a multi-year partnership with The Gallery, a new center for innovative businesses and services on the campus of the University of Twente. KienhuisHoving aims to provide innovative entrepreneurs with easy access to legal support and advice.
  • Our employees can be found in numerous positions within a variety of organizations and institutions: from healthcare institutions to social foundations and from cultural institutions to educational organizations and interest groups.
  • Out of social awareness, we offer many internships and graduate positions each year. These are places for MBO, HBO and university education. Our lawyers also give lectures at these educational institutions. In addition, various activities of study associations of the Universities of Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht are supported by means of sponsorship or substantive contributions from the office.
  • We also support the Foodbank of the municipalities Enschede and Haaksbergen. Every year in December, we collect preserved food and other items and donate them to the Voedselbank. In addition, we sponsor the delivery vans so that the Foodbank can collect and transport donated items.
  • In the field of sport we support various clubs and associations. For example FC Twente, but also various local sports clubs and associations

KienhuisHoving Foundation

The 'KienhuisHoving Foundation' aims to contribute to the development of children in the region. KienhuisHoving advocaten en notarissen has linked its name to the foundation because they support this great initiative.

Sustainable business

KienhuisHoving expects its employees to have a high ethical standard, also with regard to the working and living environment. Various forms of policy and implementation support this sustainability awareness.

Several measures have been taken to limit our environmental impact through transport. For example:

  • Our parking lot has eight charging stations for electric cars;
  • Office locations close to public transportation (train and bus station);
  • Waste is separated (paper and other);
  • We do not have our own fleet of vehicles. In the context of commuting, car drivers receive the same compensation as cyclists;
  • Our lawyers are offered in-house training. Our lawyers are offered in-house training courses, thus limiting travel costs to various locations where the same courses are offered;
  • We make use of sustainably generated energy.
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