Mission and vision

The law is in a constant state of flux: legislation is amended and case law gives rise to new insights. In light of our passion for the profession we closely monitor the developments in our fields and in the domains and sectors in which we operate.

The increasing complexity of the law has made specialization vital. At KienhuisHoving we have therefore divided our operations into practices. The professionals in a specific field of law work together as a practice group. Insights are actively shared and discussed both inside and outside those practice groups. If required, a multidisciplinary team can be gathered for a specific case at a moment’s notice. By pooling our strengths we are able to maintain the expected level of quality and expertise.


Our ambition is to help business owners, managing directors and representatives of organizations to remove legal obstacles. We do so in a practical, efficient and understandable manner. Not only when a legal problem already exists, but preferably proactively, at an early stage, to avoid problems or in any event to prevent them from escalating. We consider it a challenge to be and remain at the forefront of developments in the legal practice.

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