The language of general terms and conditions under the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG)

12 February 2021 14:31

If the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) applies to a purchase agreement (read this blog for the question of when this is the case), this means that the buyer and seller are located in different countries. In most cases, the buyer and seller speak different languages. One or both of the parties declares its general terms and conditions applicable to the purchase agreement. The question then arises in which language this should be done.
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Option to hold virtual meetings for Dutch companies extended to 1 December 2020

2 October 2020 07:52 door Marc van Rijnsoever

Not every Dutch legal entity can hold a virtual general meeting since the possibility thereto should be included in the articles of association. However, the Dutch COVID-19 Emergency Act provides the possibility for Dutch companies to hold a virtual meeting via electronic means, regardless of their statutory provisions. The bill and the explanatory comments already provided that the duration of the act could be shortened or extended depending on the development of the pandemic virus.
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