Administrative Law

Administrative law regulates matters of public administration, such as zoning plan changes, the application for integrated environmental permits, and compulsory purchase.

An order subject to a penalty, imposed on the grounds of breach of regulations attached to permits or the Buildings Decree, is also part of it. Our administrative law professionals represent both private individuals and public and semi-public authorities.

Administrative law covers a wide area. Our practice group specializes in:

  • planning and zoning law (spatial planning law, environmental permitting law [including integrated environmental permits for building, constructing or modifying an establishment], nature conservation law, land policy, pre-emption rights, expropriation law), environmental law, noise abatement and soil protection;
  • government liability law and government contracts/operating agreements;
  • law of administrative procedure and general administrative law;
  • international and European administrative law;
  • various areas of administrative law, such as agricultural law, healthcare law, monuments and listed buildings law, Earth Removal Act (extraction of minerals), public domain (Roads Act et al.), traffic law, food safety law (Commodities Act et al.), public housing law, water management law, etc.

Administrative law also includes:

  • granting of licences, enforcement and supervision
  • subsidies
  • openness of administration
  • probity screenings
  • catering and events regulations
  • special legislation

Specialists Administrative Law

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