Contracts, Litigation & Liability

Are you being confronted with increasing amounts of legislation and regulations, which, in turn, is creating an increasing need for legal assistance?

We would be pleased to assist you in legal proceedings or, better yet, in solving disputes out of court. We prefer to advise you in advance on the best way of recording agreements, since, after all, prevention is better than cure. We distinguish ourselves with our solution-oriented and practical approach.

The lawyers working in the Contract, Litigation & Liability practice group operate in the following main areas:

Contract law
Our lawyers advise on and assess contracts and general conditions. If customized work is required, they draw up the contracts or general conditions for you. Examples of the contracts and general conditions with which they can assist you, can be found here.

Litigation law
Our lawyers advise on and conduct civil proceedings before judicial authorities and arbitration institutes. They handle cases in the fields of attachment law and enforcement law.

Liability law
Our lawyers advise on and assess liability issues. They include issues in the fields of insurance law and civil environmental law. Examples of liability issues with which they can assist you, can be found here.

The lawyers of the Contracts, Litigation & Liability practice group would be happy to inform you about the cases they can handle.


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