Corporate and Commercial litigation

The Corporate Law practice group consists of attorneys and (candidate) civil-law notaries who specialize in corporate matters and work closely together, each professional within the context of his specific expertise.

The KienhuisHoving litigation team has extensive experience in (international) commercial and corporate litigation. We advise and assist both domestic and foreign clients in their business disputes and the tailoring of corporate governance where Dutch companies are involved.

Our lawyers regularly act in situations such as director’s liability / dismissal of directors, disputes between the shareholders at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Supervisory Court and disputes concerning commercial contracts. Also we assist our clients in M&A transaction related disputes, either in the pre-contractual phase or after closing. Our team is always looking for a business solution preferably without litigation, but in the meantime we also ensure proper case building in the event litigation seem to be inevitable.   

Should you have any questions, want advice or require assistance in relation to this subject, please contact the corporate & commercial team.

Specialists Corporate and Commercial litigation

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