Corporate Law

The Corporate Law practice group consists of attorneys and (candidate) civil-law notaries who specialize in corporate matters and work closely together, each professional within the context of his specific expertise.

Corporate Law – legal practice
More information on the expertise of the Corporate Law attorneys can be found here.

Corporate Law – notarial practice
More information on the Corporate Law notarial practice group can be found here.

Specialists Corporate Law

H.A.J. (Herbert) Heidkamp, bc.

Areas of expertise: commercial real estate law, corporate takeovers, restructurings (including mergers and divisions of companies)

mr. N. (Nelleke) Jans

Areas of expertise: Corporate Litigation (aandeelhoudersgeschillen en geschillenregeling), financiering en zekerheden, blockchain

mr. R.P. (Rob) Mollema, bc.

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law (acquisitions, supervision of business purchase and sales processes, demergers, restructurings, mergers and divisions, shareholders agreements) and commercial real estate law (advising housing associations in real estate development projects regarding purchase, sale and transfer of title), supervision of inner-city redevelopment, division into condominiums, drafting purchase agreements, drafting combined sales and building contracts

mr. M.W. (Marc) van Rijnsoever

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: contracts, general terms and conditions, civil liability issues, commercial litigation, attachment law and execution law

mr. M.W.L. (Matthijs) van Rozen

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law, joint ventures, foundations, governance issues, German Desk, healthcare, education and acquisitions

mr. F.G. (Frank) Röben

Candidate civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, incorporation of legal entities, customized articles of incorporation, alliances, corporate governance, party adviser, spin-offs, investments, advisor business startups

mr. J.M.A. (Jacobine) Tinselboer

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: mergers and acquisitions, supervision of business purchases and sales, participations and investments, shareholders agreements, alliances, restructurings, divisions and demergers, advising on corporate structures

mr. B.F. (Freek) Wesseling

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: transfer of family businesses, advising on corporate structures, two-tier board companies, corporate governance
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