Education Law

Under the heading of ‘Education Law’ we work on a wide range of cases involving education. We represent schools in their contacts with public authorities.

We also advise municipalities in their negotiations with institutions on e.g. buildings, budgets or the establishment of a new school. We delve into pension cases and labour conflicts. We represent pupils, students or parents when problems arise in their relationships with an educational institution. The cases are usually sensitive, since education pre-eminently involves people. The field is receiving a great deal of public attention since Section 23 of the Constitution, which regulates freedom of education, is no longer self-evident for everyone.

This requires both specialization and a broad orientation. Fields such as administrative law, landlord and tenant law, employment law and public service law, come together in education law, which in its turn gives its own twist to each of those fields. Public and private education have their own idiosyncrasies and it is good to know that the Education Law practice group is familiar with all the minute details and sensitivities.

Specialists Education Law

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