Environmental Permitting Law

Civil Environmental Law and Public Environmental Law

Environmental permitting law relates to the use of land and buildings, the division of space and the organization of the living environment. Our lawyers are involved in e.g. zoning plans, land development plans, environmental impact statements (EIS), building and environmental permits, Natura 2000 areas, air quality, noise pollution, listed building consents, enforcement and planning blight. The activities of the environmental permitting lawyers vary from advising to conducting a wide range of legal proceedings.

An important part of the work involves advising on large complex projects, such as the development of housing estates, business and industrial sites, and the development of nature conservation areas and recreational areas, stadiums, airports and infrastructure. Our lawyers ensure that the required decision-making procedures are followed adequately. This involves determining a suitable legal/strategic approach, taking a wide range of social and political interests into account. Our clients include public and semi-public authorities, real estate developers, building and contracting firms, architects and private individuals.

Specialists Environmental Permitting Law

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