IT, IP and Privacy

The lawyers of the Intellectual Property, ICT & Privacy practice group handle cases that are directly or indirectly related to those fields of law and that often arise in the Technology, Media and Entertainment sectors.

The strength of this practice group is the combination of legal expertise and knowledge of the sector. This combination allows our lawyers to analyze and solve complex legal issues for you.

Technology stands for innovation. Patent law, design law, the doctrine of slavish imitation and copyright law all offer possibilities for claiming and maintaining monopolies. Know-how requires confidentiality. Software has numerous technical applications and its use, particularly in the virtual world, is subject to a wide range of legislation and regulations. That also applies to databases and the related rights.

The term ‘media’ represents all matters related to communication. Trademarks and trade names are the primary means by which a company communicates and distinguishes itself from its competitors. Misleading advertising is all around us. Improper and incorrect statements in the media may be unlawful, as may spam. Trade via the internet has many pitfalls that need to be covered, such as electronic signatures, privacy and electronic invoicing – not to mention domain names and adwords!

Entertainment comprises all matters related to game and program formats, the gaming industry, literature, music and the other arts. Within that spectrum we can advise you, draw up and edit agreements, assist you in negotiating processes and assist in conflict resolution and conflict management.

Last but not least, we can litigate on your behalf if necessary.

We can assist you in drawing up and reviewing agreements and can give advice on and assist in the enforcement of subsequent cases.

Here you can read a blog on the topic of 'EU-US Privacy Shield ruled invalid: potentially major consequences', written bij Ramon Steenbergen.

Specialists IT, IP and Privacy

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