Landlord & Tenant Law

The Landlord and Tenant Law practice group advises and litigates on legal questions that are usually presented by housing associations, municipalities, developers, construction companies, investors and other professional landlords.

The professionals of the Landlord and Tenant Law practice group offer assistance on e.g.:

  • advising on and editing letters of intent;
  • negotiating the terms of the lease;
  • drafting leases, subleases and user agreements;
  • tenant disputes (including rent collecting, undisturbed enjoyment under the lease, nuisance and defects);
  • updating internal regulations;
  • rent increases;
  • maintenance contracts;
  • renovation and demolition;
  • questions regarding Owners’ Associations;
  • squatting;
  • termination and eviction proceedings.

Landlords of farms or agricultural land can be assisted with e.g. rent increases and discussions with the tenant on maintenance issues, but also with aspects of lease termination disputes and with discussions on quotas.

Our professionals also advise and litigate on related matters, such as the sale of leased or pledged real estate, ground lease, agricultural partnerships, neighbors’ statutory rights and obligations, and easements.

The practice group focuses primarily on landlords. Naturally it also represents tenants, provided, of course, that no advice or action against existing commercial contacts is required. Tenants in residential properties are occasionally represented.

For more information please contact one of the professionals of our Landlord and Tenant Law practice group without any obligation. We will be pleased to discuss your questions with you.

Specialists Landlord & Tenant Law

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