Pension Law

The Pension Law practice group is involved in all aspects of its field. Particularly the rules on pension plans, agreed on between employers and employees, and administrated by pension funds and insurers. This specialist field comprises a wide range of cases requiring specific knowledge, combined with an understanding of actuarial and accounting aspects.

The work procedure of the practice group is characterized by a rapid and practical solution-oriented approach, in both the consulting and the litigation practice. The practice group focuses on employers, pension funds, participation bodies and employees. Other law firms also regularly engage our professionals for support in the field of pension law and advice for their clients.

Among other things, the Pension Law practice group specializes in:

  • mergers and acquisitions, pension due diligence investigations and contractual pension clauses
  • indexation issues
  • equal treatment
  • changes in pension schemes and pension outsourcing
  • collective and other value transfers
  • co-determination, accountability and internal supervision
  • job demarcation, voluntary affiliation
  • information, dissemination and rights of option


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