Real Estate & Area Development

The Real Estate and Area Development practice group advises clients who are at the intersection of public law and private law on all aspects of real estate development, redevelopment, operation and management. This varies from specific projects to the development of entire areas with different functions.

We assist our clients in project development as well as in the development/redevelopment of new or renovation locations and areas. Our activities include the drafting and reviewing of letters of intent and cooperation agreements with public authorities and developers, advice on land development agreements and development plans, the assessment of sales contracts, etc.

In addition to this consultancy practice, we also represent our clients in proceedings before civil courts in disputes that may arise in the performance of agreements regarding real estate and area development. We can also provide specialist legal assistance in the fields of compulsory purchase and the Municipalities Preferential Rights Act (Wvg).

Our firm also has specialist knowledge of environmental permitting law. That also allows us to offer assistance with regard to spatial decision-making and procedures required for a specific development. We can also answer any questions related to your development, for example about tendering procedures and state aid. We can thereby offer you an integral approach and we can coordinate all your legal questions in the fields of real estate and area development.

Click on one of the following areas of law if you are seeking a lawyer with expertise in the field of environmental permitting law, procurement law or state aid regulations.

Specialists Real Estate & Area Development

H.A.J. (Herbert) Heidkamp, bc.

Areas of expertise: commercial real estate law, corporate takeovers, restructurings (including mergers and divisions of companies)

mr. R.P. (Rob) Mollema, bc.

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law (acquisitions, supervision of business purchase and sales processes, demergers, restructurings, mergers and divisions, shareholders agreements) and commercial real estate law (advising housing associations in real estate development projects regarding purchase, sale and transfer of title), supervision of inner-city redevelopment, division into condominiums, drafting purchase agreements, drafting combined sales and building contracts

mr. P.D. (Pieter) Schut

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: commercial real estate, real estate development in general, in particular for housing and other corporations, municipalities and other public authorities, real estate finance, public-private partnership (PPP), advising on immovable property/real estate, inner-city restructuring, social property and division into condominiums

mr. L.J. (Laurens) Vermeulen

Areas of expertise: Europees en nationaal aanbestedingsrecht, civiel bouwrecht (UAV, UAV-GC, DNR 2011), vastgoedrecht, VvE-recht en burenrecht
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