Real Estate Law

Clear and uniform agreements are required when the stakes are high, as well as expert advice. The specialist knowledge of the Real Estate Law team provides a firm foundation for your projects. In each file we aim for an optimal outcome.

The increasing complexity of cases and continual changes in tax and other regulations in the field of real estate law require a great deal of expertise. The Real Estate Law team closely monitors those developments and places them in a legal framework for you. We take a constructive approach throughout the process and search for practical and inventive solutions where necessary.

The Real Estate Law team consists of (candidate) civil-law notaries and notarial assistants, who have developed into experts in the various fields of real estate law. The team works closely together with other professionals at KienhuisHoving. This pooling of knowledge allows the team to offer high-quality service in all areas.

The (candidate) civil-law notaries of the Real Estate Law team act as independent advisors or, if so requested, as advisors to one of the parties. Our clients include housing associations, healthcare institutions, entrepreneurs, public authorities, real estate developers, building firms, banks and private individuals.

The German Desk Immobilienrecht was set up to assist and advise German-speaking clients in the field of real estate.

The Real Estate Law team has broad practical experience in advising on, drawing up and reviewing agreements and notarial deeds regarding:

  • transfer of title (purchase/delivery of possession)
  • real estate development and land development
  • financing structures
  • auctions
  • social property
  • estates/Estates Act 1928
  • the agricultural sector and real estate in outlying areas
  • land lease and structures
  • alternative energy
  • division into

Specialists Real Estate Law

H.A.J. (Herbert) Heidkamp, bc.

Areas of expertise: commercial real estate law, corporate takeovers, restructurings (including mergers and divisions of companies)

mr. R.P. (Rob) Mollema, bc.

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law (acquisitions, supervision of business purchase and sales processes, demergers, restructurings, mergers and divisions, shareholders agreements) and commercial real estate law (advising housing associations in real estate development projects regarding purchase, sale and transfer of title), supervision of inner-city redevelopment, division into condominiums, drafting purchase agreements, drafting combined sales and building contracts

mr. P.D. (Pieter) Schut

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: commercial real estate, real estate development in general, in particular for housing and other corporations, municipalities and other public authorities, real estate finance, public-private partnership (PPP), advising on immovable property/real estate, inner-city restructuring, social property and division into condominiums
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