Sector groups


Our lawyers and civil-law notaries engaged in construction related matters have joined forces in the Construction sector group.

Cultural heritage and Estates

In the Netherlands there are many cultural heritage and estates. Our Cultural Heritage & Estates sector group focuses on these special objects.


Team of lawyers specializing in the education sector, who work closely and effectively with each other and the client to create customized solutions.

German Desk

The German Desk of KienhuisHoving supports companies to operate across borders. In particular between the Netherlands and Germany and vice versa. How can we be helpful?


The Healthcare sector group has extensive experience in the legal advice of various healthcare parties on a variety of issues.

Housing Associations

The sector group consists of specialists with different backgrounds and expertise. Together, we provide housing corporations a full range of legal services.

ICT, Privacy and Technology

Our lawyers and civil-law notaries engaged in IT and technology-related issues have joined forces in the IT, Privacy and Technology sector group.
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