Our lawyers and civil-law notaries engaged in construction related matters have joined forces in the Construction sector group.

Development construction

The world of construction is in constant change. Companies that have led the way with innovations and the companies that have best prepared for increasingly complex projects, appear to have survived the crisis most strongly. Companies that also want to (continue to) do the projects that matter in the Netherlands, are being confronted with increasingly stricter procurement rules and contracts, for example UAV-GC or DBFMO.

Good arrangements with companies that is worked with on a horizontal basis are essential. The same applies to arrangements with subcontractors and suppliers in the vertical chain. In all of this remains the dependence of qualified personnel. Recent years, however, have made it clear that there must be a good balance between a professional personal basis and flexibility.

The ability to finance companies in the construction industry in general and construction projects has also decreased significantly in recent years. Companies therefore must be more creative in finding financial resources. Insolvency of customers, subcontractors or suppliers during the process is lurking and poses a risk to the progress of projects.

This all takes place in an environment of public rules and enforcement mechanisms. These are the companies that have attractive future challenges. However, it has become almost impossible to have the business knowledge in all these areas in-house.

Construction sector group

Our specialist construction law, contract law, employment law, administrative law, insolvency law, banking and finance and real estate law have joined forces in the Construction sector group. Cooperation is necessary and essential to keep up with all developments and to ensure the knowledge of all these developments and its legal effects.

Within the sector group all developments in the industry are being monitored, shared and then applied to clients so that we can assist them as good as possible.


mr. A.M. (Diana) Gunckel

Areas of expertise: advising on complex financings, securities and project financing, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, restructurings and private equity, Financial Supervision Act (Wft)

mr. J.J. (Hans) Spronk

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: Project development, contract for works, UAV, UAV-GC, DNR and litigation at Raad van Arbitrage in de Bouw en Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut and commercial litigation
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