Team of lawyers specializing in the education sector, who work closely and effectively with each other and the client to create customized solutions.

Developments in education sector

Our National Government imposes increasingly higher performance standards on educational institutions, but at the same time slowly turn off the money tap. For that reason these institutions must be inventive in terms of educational structure, use of property, walking the path of correct subsidy projects and structuring finances.

To prevent (often severe) financial problems, one must often choose for either "shrinkage" (dismissal, reorganization, restructuring, selling real estate etc.), or joining forces by forming partnerships, respectively by merging with other institutions.

In the latter issues of cooperation agreements, merger structuring, governance, transfer of pension rights, retaining subsidies and such, play a role.

Education sector group

KienhuisHoving has a team of education specialists, who work in such situations closely and effectively with each other and the client to create customized solutions.

Obviously, the team also has specialized knowledge in the area of civil servants (dismissal) law, study grants, "selection at the gate”, subsidy standards, liability issues (e.g. in case of bullying, accidents at the gym or in chemistry labs, abuse etc .), regulations on home schooling, dissolution standards for schools etc.

The members of each sector act for both schools and teachers, advisory councils and other institutions involved in education.


mr. H. (Hendrie) Aarnink

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: financing & security, restructurings / restarts, domestic and cross-border insolvencies (member of German Desk), bankruptcy trustee

mr. A. (Alex) Ter Horst

Areas of expertise: Mandatory participation and exemption, collective value transfer, voluntary affiliation, transitional arrangements, change of pension scheme, tax aspects

mr. M.W.L. (Matthijs) van Rozen

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law, joint ventures, foundations, governance issues, German Desk, healthcare, education and acquisitions
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