The Healthcare sector group has extensive experience in the legal advice of various healthcare parties on a variety of issues.

Developments in healthcare

Healthcare is a sector that is constantly changing. In recent years, competition has been introduced in large parts of the healthcare field. The government, nevertheless, continues to use legislative tools to control rising costs and improve the quality of healthcare.

Healthcare institutions are monitored by regulators, such as IGZ, NZa and ACM and are simultaneously facing increased competition and a (imposed) dependent position to the healthcare insurance company. The cuts and attempts to control market forces and the quality of care do not only affect the health institution itself, but can be felt by everyone involved in the healthcare field.
Manager fees are restricted and staff is faced with changes and even (collective) dismissal. Not to forget citizens, who see their rights to healthcare changed and get lost in the jungle of regulatory changes associated with the transitions in long-term care and child welfare.

This is just a example of the changes occurring in healthcare. It goes without saying that all these changes raise numerous legal questions. Questions that can not usually be traced to one particular field of law, but intertwine within multiple fields of law. An intention to collaborate in healthcare requires, for example, legal guidance in the area of governance issues, mergers and alliances, but also has to be tested against the Antitrust and Competition legislation.

Knowledge in areas such as real estate (development), care funding, procurement and care purchasing is also very important in present times. The need of flexibilization and reduction of workforce puts the emphasis on employment law expertise, such as (collective) dismissal and knowledge of the collective bargaining agreement and participatory rights.

For a care institution it is virtually impossible to have sufficient knowledge in all areas.

Healthcare sector group

Our specialists healthcare law, corporate law, tenancy law, procurement law, employment law, administrative law, insolvency law, real estate law, contract law and competition law have joined forces in the Healthcare sector group. In that way we can assist you in a multidisciplinary way regarding the many developments in healthcare.

We know what interests our clients and we know the challenges they face. This knowledge is shared within the sector group and is used at the right moment. This extends beyond the legal domain, it includes all facets of the healthcare industry. Through memberships of associations, close collaboration with universities, and performance of extra duties in healthcare we are right in the very centre of healthcare.

For many years we assist various healthcare clients, such as hospitals, VVT institutions, institutions for the disabled, branch organization, primary associations, partnerships and individual professionals. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, divers background and years of experience in healthcare, we can help healthcare clients in the best way.

For more information: see page on specialism Health Law


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