ICT, Privacy and Technology

Our lawyers and civil-law notaries engaged in IT and technology-related issues have joined forces in the IT, Privacy and Technology sector group.

Developments in IT and Technology

The world of IT and technology is evolving rapidly. Smart Industry represents the integration of advanced IT with modern production technologies, such as robotics and 3D printing in the manufacturing industry. With this new technology, production processes can be furnished more efficient, flexible, durable and customized. Thinking and working in networks, based on (customer) information and data, are central.

With the emergence of these new technologies questions arise about the protection of intellectual property and know-how, license, secure data storage, the use of big data, privacy issues etc. Also all kinds of developments in the field of "e-health" create questions in the field of privacy.

IT, Privacy and Technology sector group

Our specialists Intellectual Property, IT and privacy law, procurement law, employment law, insolvency law and corporate law have joined forces in the IT Privacy and Technology sector group. Technology is constantly evolving, as is the law applicable thereto. We follow technological developments closely and provide innovative legal solutions. Cooperation is necessary and essential to keep track of all developments and to ensure the knowledge of all these developments and their legal effect.

Within the sector group all developments in the industry are followed, shared and then applied to clients to assist them as good as possible. The knowledge in this area is shared as much as possible through seminars, newsletters and blogs.

The sector group has extensive experience in providing legal advice from various parties in IT and technology on a range of issues. We advise, among other, IT and technology companies, users of IT solutions and professional organizations. Our clients range from the (sub) top of the business to start-ups with innovative ideas and the public sector.

We advise them, among other, on IT transactions; IT contracts; privacy issues, supervise outsourcing projects, tenders and legal proceedings. We have a large network. Where necessary, the IT, Privacy and Technology sector group cooperates with foreign law firms.

The added value of the sector group is in the ability to reduce complex legal matters to clear, commercial choices.

We distinguish ourselves through dedication, sharp analysis and a project-based approach. Creative, flexible and pragmatic solutions are our goal. You can contact us for, among other things:
•   conflict within a (general or limited) partnership or between management and partnership
•   guiding and setting up legal structures and forms of cooperation
•   the founding of separate IT legal entities or companies
•   secondment relationships
•   IT procurement
•   liability issues
•   intellectual property protection
•   privacy issues
•   drafting and reviewing IT contracts
•   counsel IT projects

For more information: see page on specialism Intellectual property, IT law & privacy.
Secretary: Renée Poos-Middelveld


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