expertiseIDs: 12,5

Ingrid Warfman

mr. N.P.M. (Norbert) Haas

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: litigation, arbitration, draft of (and advise and litigation on) agreements, mediation and negotiations to avoid litigation and further escalation of any conflict, draft of and advise on employment agreements including any with managing directors, negotiation of redundancies, conduct of dismissal proceedings, advise on all aspects of the relationship between employer and employee.

mr. N.L.H.M. (Norbert) Laane

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: co-determination law (works councils), collective employment law (employment conditions, reorganizations, collective dismissal, redundancy plans [collective agreements]), flexible employment relationships, healthcare industry, housing associations.

mr. drs. Y.M. (Yvonne) Nijhuis

Areas of expertise: healthcare, complaints and disciplinary law, partnership disputes, disputes with the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa)/Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ), governance, Childcare Act (Wko) and quality requirements for playgroups

T.M.E. (Angelique) Roeloffzen-Mulder

Areas of expertise: collective employment law (collective dismissals/reorganisations), administrator under the Debt Management Natural Persons Act (WSNP)

mr. J.P.C. (Joost) van Ruiven

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: soil and other pollution, drafting of national and international contracts, construction agreements, reorganizations

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