expertiseIDs: 18,6

Jennifer Rozeboom

mr. drs. A.M. (Anniek) van Diggele

Areas of expertise: corporate governance, corporate litigation (shareholder disputes, inquiry proceedings, dispute settlement rules), liability of officers, supervisory directors and other directors

mr. A.M. (Diana) Gunckel

Areas of expertise: advising on complex financings, securities and project financing, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, restructurings and private equity, Financial Supervision Act (Wft)

H.A.J. (Herbert) Heidkamp

Areas of expertise: commercial real estate law, corporate takeovers, restructurings (including mergers and divisions of companies)

mr. M.L. (Madlyn) Hoek

Candidate civil-law notary
Areas of expertise: corporate law, law of legal entities, mergers and divisions, stock transfers, corporate takeovers, restructurings, incorporation of legal entities

mr. dr. C.R. (Christian) Huiskes

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, law of legal entities and corporate law, (corporate/health) governance, corporate litigation, compliance, housing corporations

mr. N. (Nelleke) Jans

Areas of expertise: Corporate Litigation (aandeelhoudersgeschillen en geschillenregeling), financiering en zekeheden, beslag- en executierecht

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