Rob Mollema

Civil-law notary (partner) (Sworn in 2000, Candidate-notary since 1980)
Corporate Law , Real Estate Law
Areas of expertise: corporate law (acquisitions, supervision of business purchase and sales processes, demergers, restructurings, mergers and divisions, shareholders agreements) and commercial real estate law (advising housing associations in real estate development projects regarding purchase, sale and transfer of title), supervision of inner-city redevelopment, division into condominiums, drafting purchase agreements, drafting combined sales and building contracts

Sectorgroup German Desk


  • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Notarieel Recht, 1990
  • Saxion Hogescholen, Bestuurskunde, Enschede, 1986

Work experience

  • KienhuisHoving advocaten en notarissen, notaris Ondernemingsrecht en commercieel Vastgoedrecht, 2000-heden
  • KienhuisHoving advocaten en notarissen, kandidaat-notaris Ondernemingsrecht en commercieel Vastgoedrecht, 1996-2000
  • Majoor & Plaggemars (later KienhuisPlaggemars), kandidaat-notaris Ondernemingsrecht en commercieel Vastgoedrecht, 1990-1995


  • Lid businessclub Quick Business
  • Lid Plus van Twente
  • Lid Holland Business House

Additional posts

  • Extern deskundige Saxion Hogescholen
  • Lid Raad van Toezicht Stichting Surplus
  • Bestuurslid financieel netwerk twente (FNT)

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