Sports law

Anyone who practices a sport does so primarily out of passion – passion for the sport, for the people and for the club. But sports nevertheless involve major interests and the consequences can also be significant if the organization falls short.

 At a professional level this is obvious, but sponsorship contracts, employment contracts, liability, disciplinary cases and doping, for instance, are also serious issues for amateur clubs. The sports lawyers at KienhuisHoving have the expertise to assist you if a conflict arises. Preferably, the sports lawyers are called in at an earlier stage to advise and to make agreements in such a way that all the parties involved know in advance what is expected of them.

The sports law professionals are involved in e.g.:

  • sponsoring
  • employment contracts
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • law of associations (including decision-making)
  • disciplinary law
  • arbitration
  • doping
  • merchandising
  • media law
  • stadium/accommodation permits
  • soccer regulations
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