Cross-border legal services


KienhuisHoving is one of the largest law firms in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Our firm includes over 50 lawyers and over 15 (candidate) Civil-Law Notaries.

Our home market is the east of the Netherlands, but we operate at a national and cross-border level.

We have divided our operations into specialist areas. We currently have over 20 specialist areas and we are always looking for new specialists in upcoming fields of law to support our clients even better.

Our specialisms include the more customary fields of law, such as Employment Law and Corporate Law, as well as more specialized fields, such as Pension Law and Antitrust & Competition Law.

Our Expertise Areas 



At KienhuisHoving we continuously aim to maintain a high level of quality and expertise in our specialist areas.

Insights are actively shared and discussed both inside and outside those specialist fields. If required, a multidisciplinary team can be gathered for a specific case at a moment’s notice.

By pooling our strengths we are able to maintain the expected level of quality and expertise.

Our Specialists



We assist our clients in a practical and efficient manner to solve their legal problems.

We advise and litigate in most fields of law.

KienhuisHoving offers outstanding legal services for an excellent price and is a recognized DIN EN ISO 9001 certified law firm.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

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