Merger KienhuisHoving and Holtman Notaries

Article added on 1 October 2020

Holtman notarissen L

The lawfirms KienhuisHoving and Holtman are pleased to announce that they shall merge on 1 October 2020. The chairman of the board of KienhuisHoving Frans Jozef van der Vaart is pleased with this concentration of strength: “The specialists of our law firms mutually reinforce each other in various areas. Furthermore, we can make use of each other networks. The merger accelerates our ambition for further expansion and to connect locally with our clients, not only in the eastern part but also in the western part of the Netherlands”.

The merger means for Holtman civil-law notaries a further step in the grow and continuity of the law firm. The cooperation with the lawyers from KienhuisHoving brings added value to its clients. For KienhuisHoving this development means new possibilities to grow its business activities in Utrecht and the region.

Mr. Allard Schuering and Mrs. Madeleine van der Wal-van Dijk, both civil-law notaries from Holtman in Utrecht comment: “Both offices can increase their level of client serving activities bringing together civil-law notaries and lawyers from various specialists areas”.

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