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KienhuisHoving German DeskThe German Desk of KienhuisHoving is specialised in the Dutch-German relations. Whether you have a contractual conflict with a German speaking party, are employed by a Dutch company but work in Germany or want to enter into a contract with a German party, we are your one-stop-shop for all your legal questions.

Our team members are all fully bilingual in the Dutch and German language and have been active as lawyer in Dutch-German relations for years. Language problems or misunderstandings are not an issue.

Translations can be provided in-house by trained employees. We know the culture, the people and the business in Germany. Furthermore, we have a wide international network of law firms from all over the world and can quickly connect you to the right lawyer.

The German Desk only advises on Dutch law, but we have a large international network of law firms and tax accountants at our disposal.

What can we do for you?

We can advise you about:

  • international contracts, such as sale and purchase agreements and manufacturing agreements
  • the founding of a Dutch company
  • conflicts within a company
  • agency, distribution or franchise agreements
  • labor & employment law
  • banking and finance questions
  • securities
  • legal proceedings against Dutch companies
  • intellectual property law
  • the enforcement of foreign judgements and debt collection procedures
  • and much more.

If you have any questions, the German Desk team will gladly help you.


Petra Stickel

More information:

OurĀ German website


mr. H. (Hendrie) Aarnink

Lawyer (partner)
Areas of expertise: financing & security, restructurings / restarts, domestic and cross-border insolvencies (member of German Desk), bankruptcy trustee

mr. K.C. (Kristina) Adam, LL.M.

Areas of expertise: German Desk, German speaking practice, law of obligations, international contract law, private international law, agency, distribution, franchise, Vienna Sales Convention (CISG)

H.A.J. (Herbert) Heidkamp, bc.

Areas of expertise: commercial real estate law, corporate takeovers, restructurings (including mergers and divisions of companies)

mr. R.P. (Rob) Mollema, bc.

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law (acquisitions, supervision of business purchase and sales processes, demergers, restructurings, mergers and divisions, shareholders agreements) and commercial real estate law (advising housing associations in real estate development projects regarding purchase, sale and transfer of title), supervision of inner-city redevelopment, division into condominiums, drafting purchase agreements, drafting combined sales and building contracts

mr. M.W.L. (Matthijs) van Rozen

Civil-law notary (partner)
Areas of expertise: corporate law, joint ventures, foundations, governance issues, German Desk, healthcare, education and acquisitions
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